The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is now live

The worlds biggest egg hunt is officially hatching in New York City this spring and will take place from April 1st – 26th 2014.

Across NYC tourists and locals will have to seek out and hunt down more than 300 giant egg masterpieces which have been designed by some of the worlds most talented artists, designers, architects and jewellers. For Easter all the eggs will nest at the renowned Rockefeller Center before being auctioned off at Sotheby’s to raise funds for children in New York City through Studio in a School, and the conservation efforts of the Elephant Family.

As they did in London, Baku Magazine is sponsoring a nest of eggs, designed by artists from around the world. The eggs showcase the work of three contemporary Azeri artists, Faig Ahmed, Rashad Alakbarov and Leyla Aliyeva. The three artists have created their eggs using a variety of different mediums and forms. Leyla’s unique artwork features flowers and an array of birds drawing inspiration from the culture of Azerbaijan and her dreams.

Exploring a different angle, Faig Ahmed is renowned for linking contemporary art forms with traditional materials and consequently his egg, “A glitch in reality,” is designed to go against reality and human logic, and purposely attempts to conflict with conventional structure. Providing a different form and style, Rashad has encased his egg in metal armour as a form of protection from external threats and risks from the outside world, shielding the precious egg beneath.

The additional three artists to complete the nest include British artist Marc Quinn, jeweler Maria Canale and graffiti artist SEEN. Quinn’s work, which often focuses on human agency and our ability to shape ourselves in an oppressive world, has designed an egg which explores and leaves the confines of the normal egg – featuring raised ridges and curved lines for the eye to explore.

Highlighting a different style and inspiration, Maria Canale has created a masterpiece of beauty. Her egg explores a modern take on art deco and reflects the layers of her favorite dessert, the tiramisu, through gorgeous black and crystal layers.

Completing the nest, SEEN, one of the most well-known graffiti artists, reveals his take on the egg and shows two different sides of his art. His egg provides a combination of contrasting medium and form, juxtaposing graffiti with the abstract shapes onto the inspiring 3D egg.