IDEA campaign starts new global project

The rapid growth of global environmental problems is a result of anthropogenic processes, and is leading to ecosystem degradation and the destruction of flora and fauna. The sharp decline in biodiversity has affected birds as well.

As it is known, the IDEA campaign (International Dialogue for Environmental Action), an initiative for international dialogue on protection of the environment, announced a `Birdhouse design` contest in May 2012 in observance of the World Migratory Bird Day to raise the public`s role in the protection of migratory birds and form caring attitude towards nature.

A special jury, created for assessment of over 100 presented works, named 26-year-old Tatyana Burdyugina from Russia the winner. Her work was different from both an environmental and design point of view.

Nests that will be manufactured according to the selected design will be installed in spring to provide safe haven for migratory birds in various parks and towns by volunteer groups of the IDEA campaign in Vilnius, Moscow, London and Baku.

The International Dialogue for Environmental Action is an international campaign that was launched by the Vice-President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva on July 12, 2011.