Cleaning action takes place on the Buzovna Beach with participation of volunteers

IDEA Public Union, together with “Clean City” OJSC, held another cleaning action on the Buzovna Beach in connection with the “International Cleanness Week”, involving volunteers. According to the studies carried out by the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, the Buzovna Beach has been found to be the dirtiest beach in Baku. For this reason, the action took place on this territory.

Held under the slogan “In the cleanness week we are together for the nature”, the action’s objective was to prevent these areas from being contaminated and littered, including enlightenment of the public on observing cleanness on the coastal area. Contamination of the Caspian shore by visitors caused destruction of the marine environment, especially rich living beings.

As in the whole world, in our country too, taking into consideration high-level of contamination observed on shores after the beach season is over, IDEA Public Union each year arranges such social actions on beaches of Baku, involving hundreds of young people.

Held in connection with the cleanness week, this event aroused wide-scale interest in the public, and people representing various age groups joined IDEA’s initiative. Those showing special activity in collecting wastes on the beach area were presented keepsakes by IDEA Public Union.

During the action, participants provided with necessary cleaning accessories sorted the wastes collected by their content and discovered the types of wastes mostly observed on the beach. Then the wastes collected were delivered to Balakhany Solid Domestic Wastes Sorting Factory using special transportation means.

Regardless of a season, IDEA Public Union calls on everyone to take care of coastal areas and make his/her contribution to the struggle against ecological challenges.