Leyla Aliyeva: Everything starts with an idea...

A new issue of the magazine “AMOP” of the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia (AYOR) was printed out. Magazine’s  chief editor is Leyla Aliyeva, the head of AYOR.

The new issue is devoted to  idea, and  idea is, as is  well known, an eternal example of reality.   The forewords by Leyla Aliyeva - the chief editor -  are also given with the title “Everything starts with an idea”. Leyla Aliyeva believes that “no project may be accomplished without a brilliant idea, which would form its foundation and be the bedrock for its realization”. According to her, an idea may also stem from a long-standing desire, arise completely from a coincidence, or be the result of a long research or the product of a joint work. Leyla Aliyeva writes: “Nevertheless, if there is a new idea, it should not be missed and given a great chance to become something that would, perhaps, change us, even have an impact on the whole world.”

The author thinks that “maybe the idea of holding global events like Eurovision, sports competitions of Olympic level and  large-scale  international forums too had earlier seemed to be difficult to realize. However, we, all together, could manage this and set high criteria for the future”.

Leyla Aliyeva stated that “Most of the pages of the  new issue of the magazine “AMOP” is devoted to ideas that change countries, help authors  get their names written in history and even, when encountering hindrances seeming unconquerable, inspire to follow the path to the end. There are people behind each of these stories. The chief editor concludes her thought by these expressions:  “People like us. If they achieved success, why not to take  risks? This endeavour would, in the worst case, enrich your experience. In the best case, it would help in reaching your achievements, and advance science and inspire others to successful ideas.”.

The hero of the section “Persona Grata” is President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Mehriban Aliyeva. It will be interesting for readers to know about the life of Mehriban Aliyeva, her activities in the positions  of president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and of the Gymnastics Federation of Azerbaijan. The great care shown by Mehriban Aliyeva towards  education of the youth is emphasized in the article. In the section of “The first lady of the Land of Fire” is stated:  “Being always helpful to the needy is one of the main traits of Mehriban khanum. Only a human with the kind heart, having compassion upon others, being able to share their sorrow and help them can celebrate her birthday together with inmates of children homes and boarding schools, visit an infant that suffered during fire, and arrange Iftar meals for Pakistani children suffering from thalassemia.”

In the new edition of the magazine, an article about AYOR’s Lipetsk and Astrakhan offices, the IDEA campaign’s 5 year anniversary,  materials about “Murad Dadashov’s life rules”,  Uzeir Novruzov - former Baku resident, now American “Charli Chaplin”, 12 wonders of Azerbaijan and a number of other  materials where pressing issues concerning the youth are expecting their readers.