AYOR’s name is included in Open Resource Space Anthology

The Russian Youth and Child Unions National Council has printed an anthology named “Open Resource Space”. Information has been included in the anthology about the activities of the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia (AYOR).

The publication contains information about the advantages of becoming a member of the National Council, about the Council’s management, main programmes and, of course, its organizations.

In the section dedicated to AYOR, comprehensive information is given about the activity of the organization’s leader Leyla Aliyeva in the capacity of AYOR’s chairperson, chief editor of Baku Magazine and founder of IDEA Public Union, and the awards Leyla Aliyeva has been honoured with by international organizations, including the Pushkin Medal presented by Russian President Vladimir Putin in Kremlin are mentioned.

Authors of the project emphasize that the objective of AYOR is to bring intelligentsia into the environment of Azerbaijani youth, support social, physical and spiritual development of the Azerbaijani youth, and contribute to the development of international friendship relations. Projects such as “AYOR Winter School”, “AYOR University Sports Contests”, “Blood Has No Nationality” are talked about in the anthology.

The anthology’s electronic version has been placed on the website of the Russian Youth and Child Unions National Council.