Military-patriotic games are held in Moscow following Leyla Aliyeva’s initiative

Military-patriotic games were held in Moscow, following the initiative of Leyla Aliyeva, the chairperson of the Azerbaijani Youth Organization of Russia (AYOR), within the framework of advocating healthy lifestyle and patriotic education of the youth, devoted to the Republic Day. 

Participated by thirteen teams, the tournament consisted, alongside logical topics, of 21 phases requiring application of force, including disassembling and assembling of a pistol, running with military ammunition and submachine gun, throwing a grenade, providing an emergency medical aid, carrying away the wounded etc. It is worth the attention that all the teams were named by our national heroes that sacrificed their lives for the independence and territorial integrity of our country. 

According to the results of the games, the united team of the Russian State Administration Academy and the N.I.Pirogov Russian Research Medical University was the winner. The second and third places went, accordingly, to the M.V.Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Moscow State Pedagogical University and the Higher Economic School National Research University. The teams were presented such prices as “For close unity”, “For determination for victory” and “For mastering how to handle an arm”, and diplomas.  

The games were accompanied by national dances by Azerbaijani clubs of Moscow’s higher schools.