Leyla Aliyeva attends  Hayat Foundation’s presentation ceremony


Leyla Aliyeva attends Hayat Foundation’s presentation ceremony

Leyla Aliyeva attends Hayat Foundation’s presentation ceremony

On May 19, presentation of  newly established Hayat Foundation took place in Baku. 

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva attended the event. 

The objective of establishing this foundation is to add a new flavour, new direction to charitable traditions existing in Azerbaijan, based on ancient historical grounds. Supports of those who wish to support to those who are in need of them quicker and in an efficient fashion form the basis of the foundation’s activity. 

The Hayat Foundation will be funded by donations of  charity-loving people, and provision of funds to the Foundation will be possible in a few ways.  Support may be provided by means of calling to 999 short number from all mobile operators,  sending SMS messages, using post, bank and payment machines, as well as entering the Foundation’s official website, making payments from the appropriate section to accounts of the Foundation or directly of those in need of support. Those in need of support may also officially apply to the Foundation, by entering the official website of the Hayat Foundation  (www.heyatfondu.az) and filling in the questionnaire intended for this purpose. They can also apply by writing a traditional letter. 

The Hayat Foundation plans to air a programme once a week on ATV TV Channel. The programme will aim at publicising the needs of those in need, and delivering information about the works  carried out with the support of the Foundation. 

Those speaking at the event shared their opinions of the significance of establishing the foundation.