Leyla Aliyeva attends the inauguration of a solo exhibition of Alexei Begov entitled “Earth and Sky”


Leyla Aliyeva attends the inauguration of a solo exhibition of Alexei Begov entitled “Earth and Sky”

Leyla Aliyeva attends the inauguration of a solo exhibition of Alexei Begov entitled “Earth and Sky”

Inauguration of a solo exhibition of Russian artist Alexei Begov entitled “Earth and Sky” took place at the Heydar Aliyev Centre, January 17.

Vice-president of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation Leyla Aliyeva attended the exhibition’s opening ceremony.

Information was given at the ceremony about Alexei Begov’s creativity.

Spouse of the artist, a member of the Russian Artists Union and International Association of Art Critics Tatyana Begova and the artist’s son Ivan Begov spoke at the opening ceremony.

T.Begova presented the artist’s work to Leyla Aliyeva.

Leyla Aliyeva thanked for the organization of the evening.

Thereafter, visitors familiarized themselves with the exhibition.

50 works of the artist are displayed at the exhibition. Among them are “Seaman’s dance”, “Returning home”, “Collected Grass”, “Mown Field”, “White Moon”, “Uncle Petya the Businessman” etc.

Alexei Begov - People’s Artist of the Russian Federation, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Art and a bearer of a gold medal of the French Academic Association - was born in 1951 in Kozin village, Kiev Region, Ukraine. After his family moved to Kazakhstan, Begov studied at the Graphic Arts Faculty of the Almaty State Pedagogical Institute. Graphic arts, sculpture and painting were all equally attractive to Alexei, and they have formed his delicate sense of plastic, which manifested itself in his future creativity.

Alexei Begov gave lessons at graphic arts faculties of the Almaty State Pedagogical Institute and Kyrgyzstan Prjeval Pedagogical Institute.

The artist started to be known to the general public after he came to Moscow in 1983. Alexei Begov created a 10 metre-long painting called “End of the 20th century” in the framework of the international action “ Wall of the World” in 1991. The work has been demonstrated in Los Angeles, Washington, Moscow, and Barcelona.

In 1995, Alexei Begov’s solo exhibition took place at the Russian State Tretyakov Gallery. His solo and joint exhibitions were held in Russia and in a number of other countries in different years. And the solo exhibition arranged in 1997 in Paris was his another success.

Settled in the small city of Joinville near Paris in 1998, the artist decorated the Holy Nicolas Church - built in 1625 on the territory of the Chateau de Gillevoisin - with patterns. Alexei Begov did this work without any assistance, in the course of 1998 to 2004. After completing the decoration of the church, the artist was honoured with the order of “Friendship” of the Russian Federation for strengthening the interstate relations between Russia and France.

Alexei Begov has dedicated series of works to different - but spiritually close to him - artists, such as Kandinsky, Matisse, Dali, Picasso, and Van Gogh. In the process of creating these works, the artist resorted to interesting styles. By integrating famous works of masters into his composition, he created their paraphrase.

Alexei Begov died in 2014.

Works of the artist are preserved in collections of the Russian State Tretyakov Gallery, New Jersey Contemporary Art Museum, Washington City Bar Association, the United Nations, as well as a number of well-known personalities.

Organized in the Heydar Aliyev Centre, the solo exhibition of Alexei Begov will continue until May 1st.