Book on Azerbaijan cuisine presented in Moscow

A book launch for the new book 'Kazan, baran i dastarkhan' by Stalik Khankishiyev – about Azerbaijani cuisine - was held in Moscow with support from BAKU Magazine.

Leyla Aliyeva - The Head of the Russia Representation of Heydar Aliyev Foundation, Editor-in-Chief of 'Baku' magazine - as well Arzu Aliyeva, Feodor Bondarchuk, Yulia and Mikhail Gusman, Leonid Portnoy, and Ambassadors accredited to Russia were present in the ceremony. 
Devoted by charcoal and grill-master Khankishiyev to the rich cuisine of Azerbaijan, the book is all about dishes cooked over an open fire. Seasoned with views from the author’s Azerbaijani and foreigner friends about Azerbaijan's delicious food, the book stresses to make a table beautiful and unforgettable every meal should be covered with a special taste and fantasy. “Everyone has talented hands” the author says, “but not everyone puts them to use”.
Every dish in the rich cuisine of Azerbaijan has a specific and unique taste, says Khankishiyev - including kebabs cooked over hot coals. The author says this is just the first volume of his book - the second one, which will also be dedicated mainly to Azerbaijani cuisine, will be coming out soon. 
There was unanimous praise for Leyla Aliyeva's dextrous organisation of the event.
Doctor Yakov Brand put it as follows - I've been a long-time friend of BAKU Magazine, and of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation. The Foundation carries out incredible projects in Azerbaijan, and I've also heard about the Foundation’s healthcare and education projects. I am sure there is no other foundation in the world with such a serious approach to global problems - and doing such great work in its country.”  
Another attendee was well-known Mossovet Theater actor Alexander Lenkov. “On a dull cloudy day BAKU Magazine roused our spirits by organizing this wonderful, sunny evening. It's really noticeable that ll events concerning the amazing nation of Azerbaijan are arranged on such a magnificent level. 
Much-followed popular singer Diana Gurskaya said Mrs Leyla Aliyeva “is a really great person who achieves really projects, and supports worthwhile initiatives. We would do with more people like her these days!”. 
The book launch for “Kazan, baran i dastarkhan” went off with a bang, not least due to the support from BAKU Magazine – and made a really big splash for Azebaijan's delicious cuisine on tables around the world.